Programme structure

Starting the Day with Bach will open each day of the Bachfest, beginning on Oct. 1st 2018. In each of these half hour events, starting at 9 am, there will be alternating concerts with either young budding musicians or morning matins with cantatas from J.S. Bach, including parody parts to the Mass in B minor.

Taking centre stage for the daily Lunchtime Music, musicians from Tübingen will explore the theme, “Bach bearbeitet” - “Bach arranged”, either as soloists or in chamber music ensembles.

The Evening Concerts follow the chronology of the Bachfest’s themes, “Bach bearbeitet” - “Bach arranged”: On Sept. 28th and 29th 2018, music before Bach will be the focus. From Sept. 30th to Oct. 2nd 2018, Sybilla Rubens, Midori Seiler & Friends and the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra will perform Bach, as well as music of his era. From Oct. 3rd 2018 we will shift our focus to music after Bach. In the final concert on Oct. 6th 2018, the Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin and the Ensemble Polyharmonique will present Bach’s Mass in B minor.

In the night concerts, Closing the Day with Bach, there will be a mixture of baroque chamber music, jazz and experimental music.

In Further Events, there will be concert “lectures”, artist talks, projects for children and young adults, the dance project, “Bachläufe,” as well as other activities to participate in.

In Music, Education and Research, there will be lectures, master classes, as well as a musicological and theological symposium.

Exhibitions and Film Screenings (some of which take place before the official opening of the Bach Festival) round off the Bachfest 2018 programme and reflect the theme, “Bach bearbeitet” - “Bach arranged.”