Bach bearbeitet

Theme of the Bachfest 2018

For ten days this autumn, the picturesque university town of Tübingen on the river Neckar will become a music metropolis for Bach enthusiasts. Distinguished local and international artists will play Bach and academics will discuss Bach. Tübingen’s citizens and students, children and young adults, classical musicians and performance artists, jazz musicians, film makers, and curators will present “their” Bach. Bach’s music will be studied, questioned and interpreted in courses and symposia. You and thousands of Bach enthusiasts from around the world will be welcome guests in the town that, since 1945, has hosted the Tübinger Motette (motet), a weekly liturgical-musical event based on the Leipziger Motette in the Stiftskirche, its collegiate church.

Bach “bearbeitet” - Bach “arranged” is the theme of the Bachfest 2018. In around 70 events this motto will be explored in its many aspects and perspectives: Bach “arranging” the work of composers before his time, as well as the work of his contemporaries; Bach “arranging” his own work; Bach’s work “arranged” by subsequent composers; Bach’s work “arranged” through various instrumentations or interpretations; the motif “B-A-C-H” “arranged” in diverse variations, and finally, the current view of Bach being “arranged” and brought into a new focus through academic symposia, exhibitions and films.

We look forward to seeing you and wish you an abundance of stimulating impressions and encounters, as well as an array of exciting and new perspectives of Johann Sebastian Bach.

Philipp Amelung, Ingo Bredenbach, Matthias Ehm, Christian Fischer

Directors of the Bachfest 2018